Machining and Waterjet Cutting

Reliance Design and Manufacturing can manufacture, modify or repair a wide variety of products for Oilfield, Petrochemical, Forestry and other related industries.

Our highly skilled team will work with your engineers to help develop your product(s) with maximum efficiency and within specification.

Our Machine Shop utilizes a wide variety of CNC machines to produce precision parts. A computer-controlled environment allows us to maintain a high volume of production, while maintaining high quality standards.

Our Manual Lathe and Mills, Water-jet Table, Slotters / Key-Seater and Grinders operate to compliment any special requirements, which make Reliance Design well suited for all our customer production needs as well as one-offs and repair work.

Reliance Design continues to invest in the latest equipment, technology and software to stay in step with the ever changing demands brought on by world-wide sourcing. Our professional staff is trained to find solutions for any and all of our customers machining needs. We take pride in our long standing experience and expertise and all of these assets enable us to produce high quality, cost-effective products in a timely fashion.

Our growing, quality driven Machine Shop strives to meet all of our customers’ needs and expectation.